A new sensation is sweeping the nation, and it goes by one name- pickleball. Made popular by lake goers and seniors who tired of card games and bingo, pickleball is a sport that combines ping-pong, tennis, and badminton. It is easy to learn at any age and even easier to become attached to. According to the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA), an estimated 400,000 players have gotten hooked on the sport.

The game is played on a court similar to tennis, but with a slightly shorter net. Paddles are similar to ping-pong paddles, though a bit bigger in size. It is played with a hollow, plastic ball similar to a whiffle ball, only slightly smaller.


Tim Murphy, the golf pro at Izatys resort, was recently featured in an article on MilleLacsMessanger.com promoting pickleball at Izatys. As the article says, Tim is not only a golf pro, but also one of the top ranked pickleball players in the state. On July 6th, Izatys hosted a pickleball clinic with Tim’s help, and we plan on hosting more tournaments in the future! (Stay tuned on our Facebook and Twitter pages for more information.)

You can now find pickleball courts all over the nation, but none quite like the ones you’ll find at Izatys.We like to brag about our six brand new pickleball courts. Too often, fans of the sport need to make due with tennis or badminton courts that, while sustain players’ needs, aren’t exactly suited for pickleball. Even more often, pickleball enthusiasts are forced to play the sport indoors year-round.


We wanted to make an area for Pickleball that can be a standard to fans of the sport- eventually, a reason that some Izatys visitors choose to come to our beautiful resort. At Izatys, we’re a bit more dedicated- “good enough” isn’t what we strive for, especially when it comes to pickleball.