The Benefits of a Corporate Retreat

A corporate retreat is an occasion where team members can mix work and pleasure. The most beneficial corporate retreats will facilitate experience sharing, let employees explore different perspectives, and will result in new ways of thinking. Your employees will gain opportunities that they may not have elsewhere, and it will be an opportunity for everyone [...]

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Pickleball: One More Reason to Visit Izatys

A new sensation is sweeping the nation, and it goes by one name- pickleball. Made popular by lake goers and seniors who tired of card games and bingo, pickleball is a sport that combines ping-pong, tennis, and badminton. It is easy to learn at any age and even easier to become attached to. According to [...]

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Izatys- Your Premier Vacation Destination

At Izatys, we are committed to being your premier vacation destination. We are continuously invested in making the resort  top-notch for you and your family, and have recently incorporated some new updates to the resort to keep it that way. Our pool is one of the most beloved features of our resort. People love floating [...]

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